My services include personalized diet and training periodization for contest prep, offseason, and non-competitors. All of my programs involve unlimited coaching and plan revisions to optimize progress and can be designed for physique competitors, strength and performance athletes, or anyone seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Coaching is entirely personalized for each individual’s situation and goals. I will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are reaching your goals effectively and efficiently. When we work together, I am not only your coach but also your mentor. Whether you are reaching for a short-term goal or pursuing long-term health or personal growth, I am always available to you.


I am passionate about flexible dieting and will work with you to optimize your diet so that it works with your lifestyle, not against it. My nutrition coaching typically includes: suggested daily macronutrient intake guidelines broken down into separate meals, recommended cardio, weekly adjustments as needed and unlimited advice regarding tracking your intake and adjusting to your new plan. If you have trouble getting started, I can help you come up with meal examples for an additional cost.

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Training programming includes strength training designed to optimize hypertrophy, strength, endurance, or some combination of the three depending on your goals. I will write your training programs specifically for you. When we first start working together, your training program will be a personalized version of a program that I have already created. As I get to know you better, your programs will become more and more personalized until I can write them completely from scratch for you based on your body and your goals.


I offer one-time, online consultations to individuals who do not want ongoing coaching. The consultation consists of an assessment of your current situation and goals, one-time macronutrient calculations, and a game plan to help you reach your goals.

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