Team StrongAF is a team of hard-working individuals. From bodybuilders to powerlifters to new moms, each of us is devoted to becoming stronger each day. Meet our featured athletes below and learn more about their experience and results.

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Early, mid summer of 2016, I was referred to Acadia from another potential coach. I have been working with Acadia for over a month now and she is amazing – I can say nothing but positive things about her. She is compassionate, flexible, reliable and provides support as needed. She is helping me achieve my goals and helps keep me accountable! I am currently training for a half marathon and am hoping to compete again next year.

Every day it’s important that we fuel our engines – our bodies. They are capable of so much, so we must take care of them! Slowly, I am learning more and more about balance and what MY balance means, without comparing it to someone else. Throughout my fitness journey, I have learned that I am incredibly driven, motivated and I learned that I can push my body past any limits that I ever dreamed of. I set my mind to something and I do not give up until I have accomplished it. I’ve learned to fear food less, to love my body (something I am still working on) during every stage and to LIVE. Remember, balance and trust the process! Some of the best advice I ever received during this journey was to learn to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone because in order to reach a goal, you have to decide you want it more than you are afraid of it.

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I worked with Acadia for about 4-5 months for my bikini competition prep and needless to say, this woman is amazing! Although I ended up not competing for personal reasons, Acadia helped me lose 11lbs and tighten my body up! With her help I was able to push through the mental and physical obstacles that arose while I was on prep. She is an amazing person who is willing to do what it takes to make sure that her clients succeed. She is very attentive and treats you like family! What I loved most about working with Acadia would be that, no matter what she was always there for me to give me words of wisdom and motivation; she pushed me to want to be better and to strive for greatness! Thank you Acadia for being the best coach I could have asked for.


I’ve always had issues with food growing up, and as many people with these life transformations, the light didn’t come on for almost 30 years. (I think it was about 6 years ago at 27 when I started to lose weight. I hit 169 lbs and said no more!) It’s been such a life change to learn and get addicted to health, fitness and lifting. I’m still your average person. I have cravings, hormones, mood swings, tears and frustration (my coaches and workout friends can attest that I lay it all out there with that!). But it’s become a safe haven at the gym and learning about diet and how much better I can feel has absolutely changed my life. You’ve been such a huge part of that. It inspires me to inspire others to always know that whatever it is they want to accomplish is possible. And even with bumps along the way!
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26 years old, registered nurse in Pennsylvania. I’ve lifted and been in the gym for years now but never honestly took myself seriously. I’ve back and forth with being really good with eating and then falling off and having take out for a week. Now I’m happy with my career and the rest of my world, it’s time to figure out what my body can be of I actually try and stay determined!

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